What is a Masters in Education Degree

A Master’s Degree in education is an opportunity to discover which field of education you are really interested in. Obtaining a Master’s in Education you typically take a few general courses in research and curriculum. However, beyond that it is an opportunity to specialize and maybe transition from teaching to another field.

The Master’s Degrees in Education that are currently offered in Southern Louisiana are: Curriculum & Instruction (minor in your content), Educational Research, Leadership (for people who are looking to transition to a principal, school board, etc), Counseling (for those looking to transition to a school or youth counselor or even social worker) and Special Education (this includes speech, diagnosis of disabilities and teaching). Each one of these Master’s Degrees opens numerous doors.

Curriculum & Instruction is a study of how the curriculum is formed and the actual teaching methods that can be used for your specific content area. This degree allows people to better their instructional methods in the classroom and continue on as a teacher. In addition, they can transition to a state or parish level curriculum or standardized testing writer. Lastly, they can become a curriculum supervisor at a school ensuring that the curriculum is being properly covered within the school or work with a University as an instructor.

Educational Research opens up doors in the research field. It requires a working knowledge of statistics and the interpretation of them. This opens doors as a college professor and a researcher. There are many state and federal level jobs for educational researchers to investigate the results of standardized tests. Furthermore, positions researching beneficial teaching methods are also available through private agencies or even the state.

Leadership is a choice for anyone looking into advancing to an administrative level. Most Master’s programs include a track to principal certification so that when the program is complete they can begin work as an administrator.

Counseling opens doors in the school system as a guidance counselor, social worker or crisis counselor in the school systems. This degree is a intensive study on how to deal with students and how to help them open up about their problems. Furthermore, it typically includes classes on recognizing and how to handle child abuse.

Lastly, Special Education is an opportunity to become an expert in the field of special education. This may include speech pathology at some schools. This degree can be used to become part of the evaluation and diagnosis for special services at the state or parish level. Also, it can be used to continue teaching or move into a supervisor position over special education.

It is important to think about where you want to transition to in the field of education when pursuing a Master’s Degree because each degree leads to slightly different positions within the field of education. You have to determine what you want to be an expert in education and then make a decision on the type of job you want to have in a few years.