What is an Associates Degree

The Associates Degree is the first rung on the ladder of corporate success. An Associates Degree displays to prospective employers that you have both the interest in and an aptitude for a specific field of study.

For those who are just out of High School and still trying to decide what to study? It makes sense to start with an Associates Degree. Rather than making a four-year commitment to an expensive program that you may not like, an Associates Degree is a two-year program that can be used as the starting point towards that Bachelor’s Degree, or your Associates Degree could be considered the launching point of a long, productive, and well-paid career in the corporate world.

If you are currently a member of the work force, have you ever had the feeling that you were passed up for advancement? An Associates Degree may be that ticket to earning your next promotion. You know what you are doing, but an Associates Degree is actual proof of that knowledge. To compete in the modern corporate jungle, you must be able to set yourself as more qualified, more professional and more capable than the rest of the pack. An Associates Degree is one of the easier ways to accomplish this.

While you ponder the options you have for your future, you must compare yourself to the others who will be competing for the same jobs as you. If you cannot distinguish your qualifications from the qualifications of others, then an Associates Degree is perfect for you. Being able to place that degree on your resume will place you head and shoulder’s above the rest of the crowd.