What is an Associates Degree

An Associate’s degree is like a diploma with high honors. That is about as far as it takes you.

Of course there is always the occasional position that will let an experienced person in the door only requiring the Associates.

Professional jobs where you don’t have a friend of a friend, requires a little more.

In order to have an excellent paying job that requires academic excellence, the degree that is needed is the bachelors.

A high school student that does not earn is diploma is a high school drop out.

A college student that does not get a bachelors degree is a college dropout.

My advice to a college student looking at the option of only taking two years of college would be to attend a trade school in which the requirements only take two years.

I am not telling you that an associate’s is not better than a high school diploma, because it is. It will in fact earn you a higher potential as an employee than the high school application is. I am just saying that in my experience with an associates degree, has gotten me not further than being a waitress slinging pizza.

Sure I have great things I could bring to a company, such as a concentration on communication and English skills, but the key companies that pay the top dollar, want a little more than a few classes to gain knowledge. They want a person who knows their needs inside and out. The only way to get to such an extenuated level is to major in that particular field throughout their whole college experience. It is then that a company wants to show you how to use that knowledge.

So go for the bachelors if you decide to go to a traditonal college, it will save you money and time in the long run.