What is the College Level Examination Program Clep

If you are attending college, you would be well advised to investigate whether the school that you will be going to has CLEP, and whether or not you can take advantage of it. CLEP stands for College Level Examination Program, which is a fancy way to say that it’s a great way for you to possibly earn college credit without going through all of the classes. For example, I took a CLEP test in Spanish before starting college, and immediately I had 8 credits. So the CLEP allows you to not have to take classes in things that you already know about.

There are many different advantages of CLEP, including:

– It can save you money – Taking the CLEP exam and passing it will probably cost you somewhere around $60 per credit hour, which is a bargain. With the price of tuition rising, those same credits could cost you hundreds of dollars. Also, the more credits you get, it could cut down on the time that it takes to graduate college. The less time that you actually spend in college, the less money that you will have to spend on tuition, books, etc.

– It can save you time – As mentioned, it can prevent you from taking classes in areas that you already know a lot about. This can save you time and a lot of boredom. If you already know the material, why take the class again? The CLEP allows you to simply bypass that and move on to more ch alleging classes in the curriculum.

– You can satisfy lower level requirements – Again, I was able to CLEP out of the lower level Spanish classes that I was already qualified for. So if I did want to continue with Spanish education, I would be able to start with more advanced classes, which would have been beneficial in many ways. It would have challenged me intellectually as well as saving me time and money.

– It can help you graduate on time – It can be really hard to finish everything that you need to in 4 years, especially if you have a very difficult major where it is difficult to take too many classes in a semester…. getting these credits out of the way early on without having to waste a semester can be a great help. This will allow you to get more generals out of the way which will help you graduate when you are supposed to.

So the CLEP is a great program that has many different ways of helping you out in college. If you are just entering college, you should definitely take a look at it to see how it can help you! You will be very glad you did, as there are numerous benefits for taking advantage of the program.