What to do if You’re Failing a Class in College

If you feel yourself falling behind and failing a class in college, there are things you can do to address the situation before it becomes too late. Small problems turn into big ones if they are left to slide. The reputation of a college depends upon its pass rate. They don’t want you to fail, so giving up on yourself is possibly one of the worst solutions. This article covers options available to students to help them to get back on course.

*Talk to your tutor.

*Take counseling if need be.

*Address the problems which lead you to potential failure.

*Show willingness to compromise.

*Get all the help that you can.

*Move forward in a better frame of mind.

Talk to your tutor.

Your tutor knows you. They know your strengths and your weaknesses and may even have reminded you of them during the course of the year. It is hard for a student to admit to defeat, although the student of stronger character is the one who isn’t afraid to admit they are falling behind and wish to address the problem. Chances are that your tutor is every bit as frustrated as you are, and will be relieved that you took the time to care enough to ask for extra help.

Talking to the tutor, what may come out of the conversation is the possibility of extra help, but only if the student shows that they are sincere. If the tutor has had to put up with bad attitude, they may take some convincing, though a sincere student with the right attitude will be offered help. This may be by taking additional classes, and the tutor may want to know what the student will do to address time problems which have gotten in the way of study.

Take counseling if need be.

College counselors are there for a specific purpose. If the reason for getting behind is emotional and you do need to talk to someone, do ask. Students are encouraged to seek the help of a counselor if they cannot cope with any aspect of their college life. A counselor will be able to help the student to be able to confront problems, helping them to pay more attention to their work.

Address the problems which lead you to potential failure.

Students need to be honest about why they fell behind. Was it a lack of understanding of the study material, or was it social life and bad management of time which led to this dilemma. Self searching and honest appraisal is the only way forward. If the student is worried about the effect of changing their lifestyle on friendships and relationships, they should remember that friendships which are worth having will appreciate that the student is stressed and needs more study time in order to succeed.

If it is a question of time management, it may be worth going over this with another student who does well as their example can help you to get back on track.

Show willingness to compromise.

The willingness the student shows their educators to compromise is vital. If a student seeks help but does not allow the time to do the work required to catch up, the tutor will get fed up easily. If, on the other hand, the student demonstrates regret and sets up a more workable timetable, the tutor will go out of their way to assist.

Get all the help that you can.

The tutor may be able to offer classes outside of his jurisdiction which will help the student to catch up. Remedial classes are often offered to students in this situation. There may also be the possibility that the tutor will be able to give useful advice about where to get help, or where to seek information to make the learning process easier. Take it. This is a once in a lifetime chance to succeed and willingness to grasp the opportunity goes a long way towards success.

Move forward in a better frame of mind

Often it is the student’s frame of mind which got them into a situation of near failure. They put aside learning in favor of fun, or simply didn’t do the homework required and turn assignments in on time. It is vital to accept the responsibility for having almost failed, and appreciate being given a second chance. Changing your frame of mind, and realizing that attitude matters to study will help you to get over the hurdle and to get your college studies back on course.

No one wants you to fail. It isn’t in the interests of the college or yourself to be a failure and to add to negative statistics the college has to live with. Take the help offered and realize that noticing you are slipping behind with studies early on will increase the chances of being able to turn a bad situation around, and start to succeed. Your parents will be proud that you took this stance, as will your tutor, though the best satisfaction of all is knowing that, against all odds, you did something about it, rather than accepting failure as the inevitable result.