What to do with Free Time in College

College is an exciting time in your life; it’s going to be a lot of firsts, hard work, and something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. It’s important that you enter this period of your life knowing exactly what you want out of it and how to get it. It’s always helpful to remember that college isn’t going to be all work, but it’s also not going to be all play too. What to do with your free time is going to be a tricky balance, but once you figure out what to do with it and when, college will be a breeze.

First off, think about your goals for the future, yourself, and what it’ll take to achieve those goals. If you need to come out with the top grades, dedicate free time to get those grades. It is important to work for those marks in college if you need them. Not all free time should and will be dedicated to research and essay writing, but a large portion should be, meaning, as soon as you get an assignment, do it as soon as you next get a bit of free time. Or take it in small dedicated chunks. Research one paragraph, write it, then leave it. Do the same again the next day so as to not get burn out. Quality is better than quantity for those top grades, and if you need it, free time must unfortunately be dedicated to your work at college; more so than if you are happy to simply attend college.

Your social life is also important, and free time should be spent entertaining, and being entertained by new friends. Look at your timetable, and then any clubs you may be interested in joining and see which ones you will be able to attend, and go! College is the best time to indulge yourself in new hobbies and social circles. Attend parties, and throw them yourself, go to any event being thrown by the college you attend and enjoy yourself.

Get fit, or stay in shape. Most colleges will have an onsite gym that you will be paying for with tuition. Use it. Spending your free time at the gym will help increase your motivation to do other things, and also benefit your health and wellbeing. Why waste money on something you won’t ever use? The gym is a brilliant way to meet new people and help yourself feel great.

While at college, work hard, play hard, and aim to get what you want out of college. You’re paying for it, so use it as best as you can. Set up a schedule that’ll work for you including home work time, social time, and anything else you want to do. Aim to be number one, and fixing what to do in your free time helps.