What to do with your Free Time in College

Free time in college can be plentiful with the right scheduling of classes and study time; in fact, a study of data compiled by the University of California showed that college students today have more free time than ever before.

Utilizing that free time in college wisely can be the edge you need on your classmates and peers entering the job force.

Volunteer in a related field

Volunteering in the field you are majoring in is a great way to add to your resume, collect references and find out what being in the field is like. There are many ways to find volunteering opportunities in the area you are interested in: online, school emails, bulletin boards, Craigslist are some examples.

Intern in a related field

This is a little more work to find and you will have more responsibilities than with volunteering but the benefits are proportionately higher. Many schools also offer college credit for internships and some positions might pay. Internships are also a great addition to any resume and the skills you learn often give you a heads up on the competition.

Make some money

Make some money in college: lecture notes, volunteer in research labs, tutor, make calendars, design logos, change oil in school mates’ cars, fill out tax forms, proofread other papers – these are just some ways to make money in college.

Finding a part time job is another. Apply for jobs early on, especially if you’re looking for jobs on campus.

Make use of your school’s resources.

Guest lectures by professors known in their areas of expertise are usually free for students of the college. College games that people pay for to watch, students usually pay less for.  The school gym often offers many classes for students, and then there’s the gym itself.

Check the school bulletin boards to check for upcoming events and people who want to do things together and see if you’re interested.

Get fit

College gyms often have some of the best equipment and varied classes rivaling those of professional gyms. Check out the classes offered, find out how to use gym equipment, meet new people and get those endorphins flowing.

Most colleges have parks around them – go biking, or hiking or kayaking with a few friends.

Make new friends

There is no other single period in life when you are that surrounded by so many potential friends. Sign up with groups for hobbies you’re interested in – e.g. the debate team. Check out the bulletin boards or post on it to start a new group.

The cafeterias, midnight Starbucks runs, classes, the library or the bookstore are all potential places to meet and make friends.