What to do with your Free Time in College

Free time in college is when all other work is done. This includes any additional study out of hours. College work is by its very nature very demanding and therefore any free time is at a premium and should be used wisely. Free time is a time to forget course work and unwind.Taking time out from course work gives the mind time to reflect and regroup ready for the next period of instruction. 

Free time is important because “too much work will make Jack a dull boy,” as the adage goes. So what does one do with their free time when studying at college?

Ideally, it should be an activity that engrosses the mind enough to completely forget about college course work. Usually, there are many sports and hobbies to engage in on the campus. Often notice boards are stacked with advertisements, where students are looking for others with like-minded interests to form clubs. College clubs are very diverse, ranging from soccer to pot holing. With a little bit of effort, a student will find an interest that agrees with him. College clubs are also excellent for finding new friends.

Some students might not be too happy about joining in activities with other students for the fear of finding themselves drawn back into the college environment by discussing course work in their free time. If one has a car or access to transport, it might be an idea at weekend to go far away from the campus to relax in an environment far removed from the college – perhaps spending a little time in a nearby town or relaxing in the countryside.

A little time to think about other matters other than college; an opportunity to visit old friends, girlfriends and family might be the relief from college that is needed.  

Free time in an evening might be spent watching television or quietly reading a book in the privacy of your own room. Perhaps a visit to the bar to see if there are any other students, one might know for a bit of company and a chat.

Often socialising with other students can clear up and make clear a topic of course work if it comes into a conversation. Whilst most students will want to avoid course work when in their own time, talking to students in a casual manner can be very useful and morally supportive.