What to look for in a Business School

Business school usually refers to graduate business school. If you are aiming for a graduate degree, you should have an idea of what you want to specialize in.

Instead of just picking the top ranked business schools overall, you should make sure you choose a school that will help you grow in your targeted skill area.

Some factors you will want to consider are the specific professors’ reputations in your specialty area, the competitiveness of getting into the school, and the location of the school.

Some businesses always draw from certain schools. For example, if you want to work in Accounting in Atlanta, you should go to a business school in the state of Georgia that the businesses will be familiar with.

You’ll want professors that are well-recognized in their field. They will have connections and pull in your desired career-path. They will be able to point you to other connected and experienced people to advise you in your field.

In terms of statistics, you want a school with a high average GMAT score and high average GPA score among its accepted students. Especially in business, grades are very important.

Once you have picked your schools, try to get in touch with alumni and current students to ask them about it. The university should help you get in touch with these people.

Many business programs have very different curriculum, so make sure to check how your degree will be structured, and how long you have to study it for. Keep in mind that the longer the degree, the more money, but the better your education.

If money is a concern, don’t rule out the top schools, but try to find a school that offers scholarships and teaching assistantships to graduate students.

You will have the best chance of a teaching assistantship at a university where the majority of the grad students were not also undergraduate students.