What to look for in a Law School

Finding a good law school is very easy to do. Here are the essential tips (based on experience) you need:

Bar examination

The school’s passing rate in the bar exam is the key element for you to consider. Remember, you cannot be a lawyer unless you successfully hurdle the bar examination. Make the simple effort to find out the 10 people who recently topped the bar; then you will be able to track the schools they are from. Take advantage of the Internet to help you with your research.

Level of discipline

As based on the author’s experience, a law school is only there to keep the students well-disciplined on their training. After all, no matter what school you go to, you will still be studying the same laws.

Is it consistent?

When you measure the performance and competitiveness of a school in terms of its passing rate in the bar, also check and analyze its records for the past four years (at least) in order to find out how consistent it maintains its exacting standards. Further, visit the school’s website to learn more about its credibility and compare it with other reputable schools. Better yet, personally go to the school to know more about it.

Is it a good match for you?

Sometimes, a school may be good for one but may not be as good for another. Law is a very demanding course. It will continuously demand so much of your time and effort; and yes, you need to regularly read and memorize for hours. Hence, if you plan to study in a very reputable school, but would have to spend about an hour of travel (one way) just to make it to class, you might want to reconsider your decision. As much as you can, choose the law school which is convenient for you. Studying law can be stressful for most students. As much as possible, avoid distractions and undue hassles. Remember, some of the great trial lawyers did not even graduate from the top law school.

Money matters

The study of law will also cost you some good money. Hence, carefully check your budget and the expenses that you will be spending. You may go to the school where you plan to study and ask the registrar for a copy of the list of fees for enrollment. If you can make it as an academic scholar, then you will save yourself some fortune.


Studying at a reputable school of law is good. However, unlike other courses, law education is mostly self-study. To successfully answer the demands of this honorable profession, you must have self-discipline, the proper frame of a legal mind, hard work, and inspiration. Moreover, you must pass the bar where most of its examinees fail. Law is not an honorable and prestigious profession just for nothing.

Indeed, the demand of the legal profession is an interesting challenge.

Good luck.