When is a College Education not Worth the Cost

When is a college education not worth the cost?   This a a great question that all students should ask themselves when in their senior year of high school. It is also a important question to think about if you’re an adult and already out of school and looking to go back to further your education.

There are many factors which should be weighed and assessed properly before you make a choice.

In today’s media, you hear a lot of mixed reviews. It causes worry and doubt, if it is the right choice to go back to school or if you should continue doing what your doing in life. You then have to do research and start looking at a number of different aspects.

 First, what is the field you want to pursue

Once you have that decided then you need to start the background on it. Is this job in high demand? Is it going to be in high demand when I complete the degree needed? How is the pay for this field of study? Will it increase or decrease over the years of study? How long is the degree going to take to receive? These are the types of things that need to be investigated so that you can have a better understanding if it will be worth it in the long haul.

Next, comes the institute

Which college would I like to attend? Do you have the proper grade point average to get accepted? Do you have all the credits needed to attend? Which one is going to give you the best for when you graduate. Harvard, Duke, etc. Is this going to be an on line-college, community college, full blown university. There are many options out there in today’s world now. Every angle has to be examined.

Then the all important topic comes into play

How much is this schooling going to cost? Can you get grants, loans, financial aide? How much do you have in savings? Will you have to work during schooling to either pay for classes, supplies, or the student loans? Can you get qualified for any scholarships? What all is needed to apply for all of these?

The questions are always piling up and it seems to go on forever. But then you start to hear rumors. These rumors consist of other students going to school for a long period of time and then they are out of the job market. Their area of study is no longer needed, it is getting cut, or it is becoming obsolete. All these questions and these rumors and reports are becoming a reason to wonder if it is worth the cost.

A prime example of careers needing to be investigated is  proved in a article that appeared on Yahoo News. The article was written by By Kathryn Hawkins | Bankrate.com – Fri, Jun 15, 2012 9:32 AM EDT according to the site. The link for the article can be found at: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/5-graduate-programs-arent-worth-070045929.html

This particular article was written talking about the Five Graduate Programs That Aren’t Worth the Money. The five programs that aren’t claimed to be worth the money are as follows: Master of Fine Arts degrees, Computer engineering, PR, Mass media and advertising programs, Law degree from a fourth tier school, and Atmospheric sciences and meteorology. In the article, it states the declines in these areas of study, the build up of costs, and the fact that the schools will take the money knowing that it won’t matter when you receive your diploma. In the end you won’t be able to find a job cause these degrees don’t matter. A lot of employers aren’t looking for the degree and diploma’s any more. They are looking for the work experience. In the end it cancels out all that money and time you just spent in earning it all.

Finally, you should do your homework on this subject. Most ask, when is college education not worth the cost? Well  the answer is when you choose a degree that you want, without looking into it, and you complete the degree and then are without work cause you didn’t realize that the particular degree you went for is no longer in high demand.

It is extremely important to check all the facts, do the research and discover if it will be worth it now and in the four years it will take you to receive the degree. At least with the research and the knowledge you will be one step a head of the game and will know what to expect in the coming years as far as the economy and the job market. The world is changing day by day and you never know what it will bring you. It is always better to be safe than sorry and to have all your ducks in a row so that you know what to expect.