When Missing College Degree Haunts your Life

In earlier decades it was common for high school graduates not to go straight to college. Back then people had a variety of choices of what they wanted to do with their lives once the high school years were over.

While some high school graduates continued their education and moved straight into college, it wasn’t an assumed or requirement in society. Some graduates immediately got a job while others opted to get married and began a family instead. All were acceptable socially and to an extent, in the job market too.

Today’s world is much different. There are many reasons people who once opted to pass up college feel haunted by not having that college degree. I know I was someone who felt something was inherently missing for a variety of reasons and had a strong desire to return to the classroom to pursue a degree.

Most of the reasons people are haunted by a lack of a college degree is due to career factors. Yet others feel their dreams are unfinished because they never invested time in pursuing higher education.

In order to remain competitive in the job market, especially in a world where economies are shaky and jobs come at a premium, a college degree is a definitive asset. In today’s world it is practically essential to have a college degree.

While it is possible to succeed in a job without college, the options are limited. For most people the majority of the time will find they are ousted out of the application process in favor of those employment candidates that possess college credentials.

Other people live their lives and have no problems holding a job without a college degree, but they likely find themselves hitting a stone wall when it comes time to career advancement. While promotions are possible, it is difficult to move too far up the corporate ladder without college.

Then there is another category of people who constantly feel as if something is missing. Acquiring knowledge and wisdom is an ongoing process as we go through life, and college is a great enhancer to go along with the learning journey.

Some people decide later on in life that they missed out on something valuable. As they search their inner selves to try and find what is missing, they discover they long to be a college graduate because they want to experience the fruits of the labors that come from the time and work invested in achieving a college education.

There are a variety of circumstances where people begin to feel haunted about those earlier decisions to forego college. As today’s college programs and enrolments reflect, many people are deciding to set those ghosts free and pursue higher education.