When that Missing College Degree Haunts your Life

A college degree is a necessary ingredient to many career paths. Without it, the opportunity for upward advancement will often be closed to you. While college is not the only form of post-secondary education, it is the most widely recognized method of career preparation. Many people start to college and for a variety of reasons fail to finish. The drop out rate at many universities and colleges before a baccalaureate degree is reached is above 50%.

Without a degree, your career options can be very limited.

For those who are just entering the workforce without a sheepskin, the careers available to you can be quite limited. Without technical training, you will be relegated to service sector jobs. There is nothing inherently wrong with these positions. The problem is the starting pay and earning potential.

College dropouts earn far less than their degreed counterparts.

The college dropout will earn only about $.67 for every $1.00 that the college graduate makes. While the stories of exceptions are legion, the reality is that the number of people who beat the odds is relatively few. It can take 10 or more years for the college dropout to reach the career level that the college graduate started at right out of school.

There very are few good reasons not to return to earn your degree.

You do not have to live with the regret of failing to complete your degree for the rest of your life. The opportunities to earn a bachelor’s degree have never been more plentiful. You can go to school online. There are many colleges with extension campuses in more rural areas that may be many miles from the main campus. You can literally go to school in your living room or in your back yard.

Money is often available to pay for your education.

If the expense is a problem, you have the chance for grants, student loans, and employer educational reimbursement and scholarships. Usually, the cost can be worked out for you to be able to go to college if you choose. Employers like for their better employees to gain their educational credential. Being able to promote an employee that has a proven track record is money in the bank for most companies. Hiring from the outside can be expensive and risky. Promotions are safer, cheaper, and add to company morale as career pathways are established within the company.

College classrooms are being filled with older adults all of the time.

If you are afraid of being an old person among children in the classroom, you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of people who are returning to college as older adults. Everyday, men and women are heading back to the classroom in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and older. With longer life spans, many are no longer willing to accept a lifetime sentence in a career that they do not enjoy and that does not support them adequately.