When that Missing College Degree Haunts your Life

A missing college degree can definitely haunt you but only if it was a part of your original dreams and aspirations and never came to fruition. People put off going to college for a variety of reasons; maybe it was to get a job, have a family or support a spouse while they finish their degree. If you put it off long enough, sometimes you are never able to work it back into your dreams and goals. It becomes a dream deferred. When this happens, you begin to have all the thoughts about “wouldas, shouldas and couldas”. What would I have been able to accomplish had I gotten my degree? Where would I be right now?

Sometimes this can cause bitterness and anger and certainly it causes one to look for someone to blame. A lot of times this thought can be carried to your grave wondering about this and wondering about that but one will never know what they might have accomplished until they go out and do it. That is why everyone has a right to live their dreams and fulfil their destiny and live life to the fullest. There have been so many people that went to their graves without living out their quest for a degree.

There are times when someone is not pursing a college degree for the success it brings but because it was a goal that was placed in their heart. It can make one feel as though they have been enriched or enlightened through the educational process. It can also help one to establish the habit of becoming a life long learner.

The sad part is when you have an unfulfilled desire such as a degree, that very thing , the goal was placed there in your heart by no-one other than God himself. After all that’s where our goals and dreams come from. It is not by accident , happenstance nor coincidence for the things in our subconscious mind to surface and begin to haunt us sometimes daily. It’s a special individual that listens to those callings and seeks to fulfil his or her destiny.

A college degree, while it is no guarantee of success, can open a number of doors for you. It can create opportunities you otherwise may not have had. Never put the pursuit of a degree on hold, put together an action plan that will enable you to achieve your goal or dream of receiving your degree. Even if it does not happen within a two or four year time span, which can sometimes happen, the fact that you are pursuing it is enough to ease that aching heart and relieve the constant questions of what if I had …. or why did I not?

Put a plan in place today and go after your degree. The graveyard is full of people who did not pursue that business, or did not write that book, or did not invent that invention, or just didn’t make the time to get that degree. Don’t be a part of that population, go for it.