When that Missing College Degree Plagues your Life

Often we hit a stage of our life where we reflect on the past. We may believe that any chance we had to go to college has long escaped us. If we feel regret over not taking advantage of the moment to go to college we may be plagued by that missing degree.

When we allow the omission of a college degree to plague us it can seems like everyone has one but us. Everywhere we go we meet only people who have gone to college. They may ask us “Where did you go to school?” which only makes us feel worse. When we answer that we never did go to college the people with degrees seem to look at us as if we’re beneath them.

Being plagued by not getting a degree can mean that we go our whole lives doubting our intellectual prowess. Maybe we think we didn’t go to college because we weren’t smart enough. If that’s what we believe it seems that everyone around us who has a degree is smarter than we are and knows more than we do. In fact, they not only know more but they talk better and have more self-confidence.

Our self-confidence never reaches the level of people with college degrees because we didn’t tested the waters to determine if we could handle college or not. Or maybe we did something else with our time like had and raised children. We know from the way society perceives it, parenting children is not an intellectual pursuit. We seem to have it all but when we look back there is one thing glaringly absent from our lives and that’s a college degree. Unfortunately, the time has passed and we’re obviously too old and set in our ways to go back to school.

The question is whether all these perceptions and conjectures are the truth or not. If a missing college degree is plaguing you, chances are you’re looking at things from a very skewed perspective. All your doubts may have been blown out of proportion because of your desire to have a degree.

In fact, many adults do not have a college degree. Additionally, the absence of a degree certainly does not mean that anyone has less intelligence than someone with a degree. You’ll find a great number of people who consider their degree simply a piece of paper. But nonetheless we turn the lack of a college degree into the Scarecrow’s quest in The Wizard of Oz and feel that we have no brains.

The biggest untruth in the entire package is that the chance to gain a degree has passed you by. If you want to go to college and get a degree the doors are open to you. Many mature adults are returning to college for the precise reason of getting a degree that they wanted all their lives. No one is too old to return to school.

Try not to be plagued by a missing college degree. If you want one, go and get it and feel that sense of accomplishment that you so desire. You’ll find many students who are just like you and who are finally choosing to get something they’ve always wanted.