When that Missing College Degree Plagues your Life

Sometimes, the idea that a missing college degree is “plaguing” life is an indicator of a conflict between a desire for something called a “college degree” and the roadblocks to getting one. First of all there are no “college degrees” without something coming after those words. There must be a specific field of study and work toward gaining a body of knowledge. If there is no specific field of study, then there is only a vague and conflicting set of ideas and goals.

People who should have been through college by now may have been held back by economics and overloaded college campuses. The fact that deprived students did not have a chance to go to school should not hold them back from accomplishing their goal later in life. A smart student will also be a smart survivor who will find other successes in life. It is fine to get work and life experience that will add to a delayed college degree.

The problem with most discussions about not having “college” goes beyond going to school and getting a degree. There are millions of individuals who have gone far in life without college degrees, so something else is going on when a person considers their life to be plagued by the lack of a degree.

Many times, people have lifelong social and personal pressure to earn college or advanced degrees, but they put up their own roadblocks. No amount of encouragement, help and support will move a stubborn person along. Sometimes a person just wants to complain endlessly without doing anything to solve the problem. Sometimes, parents, family and peers will lay on the pressure, but they are not the ones who will have to go through an unappealing process.

When the missing degree is a matter of personal pride and nothing else, then there are none of the specific plans, goals and dedication that get a person through college. It is impossible to complete a vague and ill defined process with any success. College degrees require plans, passion and the will to get through the rigors and tests of a long and somewhat arduous process.

In summary, most people will get through life just fine without a college degree and need not worry about a “plague on life”. For those who are serious about getting a degree, the alternatives are plentiful and the work is not impossible. True passion, hard work, a definite set of goals, and plenty of dedication will help a person to meet their goal.