When that Missing College Degree Torments your Life

The number of non-traditional students applying to college has been steadily increasing for many years now. Since the advent of distance learning, extension centers and other educational opportunities, most of the time and location barriers that were once present to a college educations have now lessened.

For many adult students who have been missing a college degree, the ability is now possible. A couple of decades ago college was not always the assumed choice after high school graduation. During those days many individuals often either went straight to work or got married.

While it is true some went to college, many individuals did not and instead immediately plunged straight into adulthood with adult responsibilities.

Fast forward to today and many people from different generations including baby boomers, generation X and even some veterans are returning to school. The reasons for entering the classroom again after so many years are likely diverse, but the one thing many of these individuals share in common is the yearning for a college degree.

For some, that missing college degree torments their lives and the longing to be a college graduate is too strong to deny.

For some who opt to go to school, the missing degree is all about career options. In a competitive job market, it has become almost a given that a company will hire a college graduate as opposed to selecting the candidate that did not go to college.  With so many layoffs happening since the recession, many people are out of work and struggling to get hired.

In other cases, the missing college degree is tormenting because many promotional opportunities may be missed. This is likely one of the largest reasons why some regret not going to college sooner.

It is difficult to be loyal to a company for years, maybe decades, only to find the only people getting promoted are degree holders. While it is not impossible to succeed without a degree, it is hard to deny having one opens up many more avenues career-wise because for many jobs, a listed requirement is a college degree.

While career reasons are the primary reason some people feel plagued without a college degree, others come to feel that ‘something is missing’ in their lives and realize they are sad over not pursuing higher learning. In these kinds of cases often individuals feel something is inherently lacking within their inner selves and find themselves thirsting for knowledge, the kind that is satisfied by assignments, being tested and pushing oneself to do the work and learn.

Unfinished dreams are another reason why some people feel tormented by the lack of a degree. The intent to go to school was always there, but had been delayed for some reason. Suddenly many years have passed and the dream for education has gone unfulfilled.

Individuals who feel tormented by the lack of a college degree may experience one or more of the above feelings, however the good news is with today’s educational options, no longer do individuals have to miss out. If they really feel plagued about not having a college degree for one reason or another, the opportunities are vast to do something about it.

For many, embarking on an educational journey allows to fulfill the need for college and set those plaguing ghosts free in exchange for a degree.