When to Study to Make the most of it

A Necessary Sacrifice

Alrighty then, so we have had a busy week, tons of work, papers, research, working part time, and a couple tests and quizzes to boot. Yeah I would say that it is definitely time to wind down and get read for the weekend. I’m feeling like hitting up a club with some of the guys Friday night, having a few drinks and kicking it on the dance floor with some of the ladies. I’ll just sleep in a little bit on Saturday to get rid of the possible hangover, so that problem is solved. Oh yes, how could I forget, there is a dinner/dance type function Saturday night in the big city. I do believe I have a ticket for that as well. Well, I guess all the laborious work I have tended to doing this past week and finished is all going to pay off for me in the end now. Party hard all weekend long.
Now as far as my research paper goes that is due Monday afternoon and my test that I have still yet to even open a book on, ah yeah I think I will be able to pull an all nighter Sunday night and get all that done. If I put my mind to it, I should be able to tackle that is four to five hours. Not bad. I think I’ll be all set.
Now here is the question you really need to ask yourself. How are you doing in all your classes? Are you understanding all the material being put out to you? And are you really going to have ample time to start, put a reasonable amount of effort into a research paper, and finish it for the very next day. Not to mention studying for a test that you have yet to even open a book on and read a chapter on. How many chapters is it on? Oh gosh, five chapters! Yes my friend, you have a serious choice to make here.
Now I am going to be quite honest with this one, my friend, it would be wise of you to sacrifice either your Friday night venture to the club, or your dinner/dance with your school Saturday night. I am not going to make the call for you, however, it wouldn’t be very wise to party all weekend long and to have your grades suffer in the end. You probably pay big bucks to attend your college or university, and I really don’t agree with making your college life anymore stressful than it already is.
Maybe stay in Friday night and get some of your research paper done, and once you’ve made a good size dent in it, maybe chill out and watch a dvd on the laptop and have a snack. Get up nice and early Saturday morning and possibly finish up the research paper and then open a book and read the chapters that will be on your yest. Just slight recommendations that could help you in long run and relieve some stress.
Don’t bring unnecessary stress into your college life, your grades do depend on your state of mind and if you are well rested enough to perform to your peak. Make the necessary sacrifices where needed. Would it kill you to only go out one night of the weekend in orders to get some work done? I don’t know about you, but I do believe the sun will still rise and fall regardless if I party or not.