Where to Find College Campus Storage this Summer

With summertime fast approaching, and final exams on the way, many out-of-state college and university students are already packing up and storing away for the next school year. This makes it so much easier for transporting and safekeeping of all their personal items and dorm room furniture. When they return for the next school year, everything is ready to be pulled back out of storage, and saves the expense of having to repurchase the same necessities.

The advantages of having an off-site storage solution is – 24-hour security and access, multi-sized units for all of your storage needs, climate control options, and pest control. The great thing about off-site storages is this- they are always in constant competition with each other for the best rates, so finding the most economical deal should be a breeze with fewer headaches to deal with. Most places offer college student discounts, so ask for any savings.

Getting Started

Now that you’ve settled on a storage place, and you’re ready to start moving your stuff, how are your transportation arrangements to the storage unit? Well, there are a few options for you to choose from, consider one of the following arrangements- save money by asking friends to help you out, rent a u-haul truck or trailer, check with your storage place if they offer a drop-off/pick-up service, or wait your family and relative to come down and help out.

Asking Friends to Help Out

The biggest advantage is this- you’ll probably have a hundred friends in your network of buddies, and every one of them most likely has their own vehicle. This is the most time efficient and fastest way to get the job done- for cheap, if not, for free! Your only downside is this- you’re on somebody else’s time, and you need to take into consideration that they’ll also be moving to their own storage places at the same time that you are.

Rent a U-Haul Truck or Trailer

So you don’t have a reliable vehicle, but you may or may not have the manpower. This is your next to best option for DIY (Doing It Yourself) if you don’t have the patience to wait on somebody else’s time to help out in getting the job done. The other downside to this option are the repeated trips back and forth between the dorm and storage if need be, and don’t forget that your truck needs to be back the next day by a certain time- with gas in it.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Service

If your storage place offers this service, take advantage of it. It’s the best solution to use over having to use a U-Haul rental. Just pack all of your stuff into this box unit, call the storage company, and wait for the curbside pick-up.

Help from Family and Relatives

Maybe your school is located in a popular vacation spot, so getting help from family and relatives might be a great idea. Since they’re in town, they can lend a helping hand- just because!