Where to go for the best College Education

With all the Universities in our nation, asking which one is the “best” isn’t going to yield a definite answer. Bias will creep into every response, including this one, and the reader will probably come up with a list of Universities that each writer attended (all claiming their University is the best). However, I encourage whoever is seeking an answer to this question to evaluate each response based on the content of the recommendation, not only on the recommendation itself. After all, these responses are all valid and full of valuable information, because the formulated response will be a direct result of the education received. That said, this is what I discovered during my college experience.

I attended three Universities in my quest to get an education. One of them was fairly well known and was met with the occasional compliment on my achievement yada, yada, yada. After two years I dropped out of school. I upset several people by doing this, and despite my 3.75 GPA, it was believed I wasn’t up to the challenge. However, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that I just didn’t want to be in college, period. The more I looked around, the more common of a theme I realized this is. There are so many people that are going to college because they have to, not because they want to. One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned is the intrinsic value of knowledge. That above all, learning for the sake of learning cannot be compromised. Knowledge is the greatest tool to success in any endeavor, and one must learn to take advantage of every opportunity they have to gain and share knowledge.

How does this relate to the topic? You are the key to your success. If one is not ready to educate themselves, their college career will be squandered and a waste of money and time. If you don’t think you want to go to college, join the work force for a while (you’ll probably change your mind quickly). The point is, choosing a college that is congruent with your educational goals is easy. There are college descriptions all over the internet. It you want to be a business major, look for well ranked business schools (further, if you have a company you want to work for, look for colleges close to their headquarters). However, my experience has proven to me that where I went is not as important as what I did when I was there.

When you are in college, look for opportunities. Become friends with your professors, all of them, and take the same professor often. Get involved with honors programs and don’t for a second let some high school test make you believe that you can’t succeed at anything you want. Get as much internship experience as you can. But above all, make time to laugh, love, party, stay up all night, experiment (responsibly), appreciate the days you skip class, don’t EVER take the friends you make for granted, and do it all at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas.