Where to Store College Dorm Furniture over the Summer

College dorm life is great, but eventually you will likely decide to move out of the dorms and into apartments, either on or off campus. Unfortunately, this may create a problem during the summer as you transition between living spaces, which begs the question: where should you keep your dorm furniture over summer? Fortunately, there are a number of flexible options to consider when deciding what to do with your dorm furniture during the summer time.

Bring It Home

While this can be somewhat of a pain, if you do not live too far away from school it may be the easiest option. If you or one of your friends has a truck, you can load up your furniture, tie it down, and take it home where it can stay in a spare room for the duration of the summer. This is your safest option, because you will know where all of your stuff is the entire time, and not have to worry about anyone using or abusing your furniture without your permission. 

Leave It At A Friend’s Place

A trusted friend with an apartment can be a godsend if you want to store furniture during the summer. If you are moving out of a college dorm, you may have a friend who is a year or two older who already is living in an apartment nearby. If you ask them nicely, perhaps they will let you store some of your stuff there for the summer. While you still run the risk of your stuff being stolen or destroyed during a party, if you trust your friend, they can probably keep your stuff safe until you return for it in the fall.

Sell Your Stuff

Sometimes selling your furniture and starting over the next year can be a great way to resolve this problem, and allow you to begin your next year of college with a “fresh start”. Craigslist is a great place where you can sell your furniture quickly to people who live nearby. Just be careful about giving out your address to anyone; make sure you talk to them first and get a sense that they can be trusted before you agree to meet up with them. While you may worry about losing money on dorm furniture this way, you can make up for this loss by buying furniture off Craigslist when you return to school, thus completing the Craigslist cycle.

Rent a Storage Space

There are likely places nearby where you can rent storage space and keep your stuff for the summer. While this can get pricey, you can coordinate with a few other friends to split the cost of this storage space, and perhaps rent a U-haul to transfer your furniture over to its temporary location.

Consider these options when deciding where to store your college furniture during the summer. Don’t panic, you are not the only person facing this dilemma, so if all else fails, call your friends and see what they are going to do with their furniture for the summer, and go from there.