Where to Study

In terms of where to study, I personally prefer to study in the school’s library. Every morning I have to get up early to find a good place to seat and soon after, many students will come to study there.

I used to study in the school’s classroom, and would easily get bored after a short period of time. It seems that when one is in the classroom, he/she is mainly supposed to learn what their teachers have taught in the classroom and the atmosphere in the classroom is rigid and dull. Some students sleep their day away just sitting there without doing anything.

Then the idea of study in the library occurred to me. Compared with the traditional way of studying in the classroom, studying in the library has a lot of merits, for instance, if you are bored with your assignment it’s a beneficial way to relax for you to find some interesting books available in the library and read for a short time instead of sleeping for a whole afternoon. Furthermore you can find a lot of additional materials related to your courses like math and physics; they are not just a repeat to your text books, they can broaden your knowledge towards what you learn and they may even change your view towards the courses you don’t like that much before, you will find them interesting and worth learning after you read more things about them. In addition in the library, you can hold a book and wander from here to there and no one will feel uncomfortable about it, because the whole library is for study.

What I want to focus here is the atmosphere for study, it’s really important to have a good place for study. Unlike the students studying in the classroom, I found those in the library more polite and quiet, they try their best not to make any noise and they are hard working than those in the classroom, they want to learn more and will not be satisfied with what they have been taught during the class. With abundant books available, one can access whatever aspects of knowledge they want to learn. And when you want to play and quit study, just seeing them working so hard will surely make you feel ashamed for yourself and pull you back to your seat and force you to study as hard as them. They have set a good example for us.

For all these reasons above I think the library is the best place for study where you can surely make the best of it. And I strongly suggest college students as I am to make the best use of the school’s library sincerely.