Why Attend a Community College instead of a four Year College or University

You have worn the cap and gown and walked down the aisle to receive your diploma.  How quickly those four years of high school pass by, and now it’s time to make a decision about where you go from here. High school helps you decide what occupations interest you, but it is your time to decide how to reach your goals in the quickest and most inexpensive way.  

The major decision is whether to attend a community college or a university.  Both give you excellent reasons for attending their facility, but community colleges offer many pros that the high school counselor does not discuss with you because her job is to send you to the college or university that will get you your degree within four years without transferring from one school to another. Below are some advantages to attending a community college rather than a university that can prove helpful before you make that life-changing decision.

One advantage to attending the community college rather than a larger university might be to increase your GPA.  Maybe you didn’t pay as much attention to your grades as you should have, and some of the schools require a higher grade point average as a requirement to attend.  Enrolling in a community college allows you the time to bring up your GPA so in a few years you will be able to transfer to the college of your choice.  Following this plan also allows you additional time to ensure that the major you have chosen or are planning to choose is the right choice for you. 

Second, attending a community college helps with the expense of college.  It allows you to take your general requirements while paying about half the expenses of the larger universities for the same courses.  The community college also allows you to live at home, thus waylaying the cost of boarding and meals.

Community college offers students the opportunity to enter the workforce faster than their university counterparts because the community college offers courses specifically designed to help students enter the workforce faster. There are courses such as LNA, legal assistant, mechanic and social services, and certification is offered to those students who want a degree but don’t want to attend a four-year college.  Community colleges also offer smaller classes, more individualized instruction and smaller general area because the campus only includes one to three buildings, which makes traveling from class to class quicker and easier.

These are just a few of the pros for attending a community college as compared to a larger university, but of all the reasons, the number-one reason is the expense. When deciding on a college, it is necessary to consider how long you will be willing to repay loans after you graduate.  The community college will ease some of these expenses and make life a little easier after graduation. 

Wherever you choose to attend post-graduate school, be educated about the pros and cons of each institution that you have considered before you make your choice.