Why Cambridge University is Ranked the Top in the World

The University was founded in 1209. King Henry III became the benefactor of the students in 1231. The first college, Peterhouse, was set up in 1284.  Awards abound including numerous Nobel Peace Prizes. Eminent scientists, statesmen, philosophers and poets have walked and graduated from its storied halls.  Byron, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Milton, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton all are alumni of Cambridge. And for the first time in seven years Cambridge has been voted the top ranked university in the world. Harvard held that prestigious spot previously.

According to Top Universities, many reasons exist for the top ranking.  Cambridge was voted best university for research quality with the largest number of citation counts in academic publishing Transformative Research at Cambridge was voted best in the world – that is research that changes people’s lives. Some believe that both British and American Universities usually win the prizes in these areas because English is the language of choice to academics.  Both of the countries benefit from being English-speaking. If someone is publishing in a language other than the one most researchers are using, it is highly unlikely that the research will be cited in the best journals. And that is important for ranking.

The QS World University Rankings measures many elements when choosing which universities are ranked. Among these are: graduate employability, research quality, teaching and how much of the faculty and student body are international. The QS rankings are found by weighing 40% to academic reputation, 20% to citations, 10% to employability, 20% to student/staff ration and 10% to how international the staff and student body are. 

American universities are prominent on the list by taking thirty-one out of the top one hundred spots.  There are also fifteen Asian universities, The University College of London, Oxford, King’s College London, Edinburgh and Imperial also all appear in the top twenty-five. Some believe that this will soon change. Harvard has had a recent hiring freeze and had accepted more students. However the United Kingdom had made less of a public investment in higher education in recent years. Canada, Finland and Japan are now major contributors to higher education in their respective countries along with Sweden, Germany, Poland and Slovenia. China and Korea have also begun to invest heavily in their universities, and they are rising rapidly in the international rankings. But for now, Cambridge University is ranked at the top and is the best university in the world.