Why College Isn’t the Answer for every Student

Before anyone decides to go to college, there are definitely a few things that they should consider. To begin, it is imperative that a person analyze what it is that they want to do in their career, and by what means they want to go about doing it. For many students, college is not always the best option when they evaluate the function, in a business for example, in which they want to become employed. In other examples, college is not always the better option when a person considers how they personally absorb information and learn.

For students who find hands-on learning the best, trade school is undoubtedly a better option in completing a post-secondary education. This is also the case for people who enjoy learning in the same community as others in their chosen field. In college, students often complete degree programs without taking the same courses with familiar people twice. For students who enjoy the support of others in their field, a college degree may become lonely until the end of their degrees or others start to specialize in their given program.

While it is obvious, that all forms of post-secondary training require a certain amount of work and dedication, College usually takes a longer amount of time to complete, and often includes courses that may seem irrelevant to the program. If a student wants to enter into a program and focus solely on their field, trade school provides a more focused education.

While trade schools are often expensive one an annual basis, college can become an encompassing form of personal debt when a student enters without a clear and distinct focus on what they want to do. For students who have to take out loans, this is especially the case, and this debt should also be considered.

The distinction between College and trade school should be made on how a student actually enjoys to learn. For students who enjoy to read, write, and attend classes in which they learn about a variety of theories, college is probably the better option. For those who want the hands-on experience of learning in their trade however, in a shorter amount of time, trade school may be a better option for them. In obtaining work through other means such as military training and education, this is also based on a person’s ultimate goals and choice.

Parents should consider the method in which their child is best educated before they expect them to go to College based on their intelligence. In many cases, success in either program is determined more so by a student’s determination than by their personal aptitudes.