Why Colleges should Require Algebra for Graduation

At any point in your life have you used what you learned in college algebra?
Most people would say they have not.

People are highly unlikely to use any form of higher math in their non-working lives.
Many people would argue with me on this, but I sure can’t remember the last time I did anything outside of school that involved anything above multiplication and division?

There is the argument that higher level math benefits people on the job, but those with majors such as Social Sciences, History, English, Art, Theater, and Law, will probably never use any of the skills learned in college algebra.

The reason I believe that college algebra should not be a requirement in any degree of the arts and even some of the social and political sciences, is because it causes many talented students to give up and drop out of school because they can not grasp a skill that is useless to them once college is over. Why would someone who knows the in’s and outs of political theory and U.S. government be required to know anything other than basic real world application math if they want to be a government teacher or a political commentator.

Unless a future job requires it college algebra is useless and should not be a required course…

Many would say the same goes for English courses for people majoring in things like Math, Biology, and Engineering.
I actually think that at least one English course in necessary. Literature speaks to who we are, it reveals truths about humanity that crunching numbers cannot. I think the same goes for history. A basic course on it should be required because history is a backlog of human triumph and error. History is something everyone can take something out of.

I even think knowledge of basic science is a good thing. I may not like it, but I’m very glad i know the difference between acid and base. I’m also glad that I know to not light cigarettes when in a massive pool of gasoline.
Despite my exaggerations I do think Science has real world application.

This is probably my own hatred of a subject speaking but high level math is just worthless to me. I never use it and I don’t think I’m alone. So if any of the people reading this actually use what they learned in college algebra on a daily (even weekly … hell I’ll settle for monthly) basis, do tell.
You will probably be the second one I met.