Why it can be Beneficial to Study Part Time rather than Full Time

Studying part-time has many benefits including the possibility of fitting your studies in and around your family, friends, work and/or travel. There are many reasons to study part-time. Here are a few reasons:-

Save and earn more money

Studying part-time is affordable. If you study this way, you are paying less money up front as you are paying for fewer modules. This makes it easier to pace yourself financially. Also, as you are studying part-time, this means you can keep a part-time or even a full-time job – enabling you to earn real money while you study.

Experience greater flexibility

Studying part-time enables you to use your resources efficiently, especially the most valuable resource – your time. You will have more time to do certain things that you would not be able to do if you were studying full-time. You will be able to spend more time with loved ones and take on certain projects that you may not have been able to otherwise.

Gain other skills

The time that you have freed up can be used in learning new skills. The institution you will be studying through may offer other interesting short-courses which will empower you will a new skill. You can follow more hobbies, interests and gain new abilities in order to improve your future career prospects.


You can volunteer at organizations that are relevant to what you are studying in order to get some hands on experience. For example, if you are studying psychology, you can volunteer at a mental health institute. If you study part-time, chances are you will have the time to do this – it would be much more challenging time-wise if you were studying full-time.

Travel the world

If you are interested in travelling: doing your studies part-time allows you to travel and study at the same time. Many people fear that choosing tertiary studies means you miss out on travelling but if you study part-time, you will have the extra time to explore. Some universities even have examination spots all over the world. Having the experience of travel on your resume also makes you more marketable.

Studying part-time can be more beneficial to you than studying full-time if you don’t want many things to come to a dead end. Studying part-time means you can still work and earn a good income. You can still spend special time with the family, upgrade your skills and even travel if the travel bug bites. Studying part-time opens the door to an abundance of opportunities.