Why it is Important to Study a University course that Interests you

It might seem pretty obvious that if you’re going to university you ought to study something that interests you, but all too often students convince themselves that if they take a particular degree course they will end up with a high-paying job. There may be certain degrees which will earn you more money, simply because the skills you learn are in high demand, but there is no point studying for a degree in engineering, for instance, if you’re not very good at science subjects and get more enjoyment out of arts subjects anyway.

In theory, you could earn more money if you study towards a science or an IT degree, but what is the point if you don’t find the subject interesting? Sure, you could end up with a degree that is very much valued in the workplace, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life building up a career in an area which holds no interest for you? Besides, if you opt to take a degree in a subject which you don’t find interesting you may struggle to make the grade. Clearly, it is much harder to motivate yourself to work hard when you don’t enjoy the material you have to read and the essays you need to write.

Thus, you may come out of university with a lower degree classification than you’re capable of, which could affect your chances when trying to get on to a graduate scheme or deciding to continue your studies. You will generally find that in both cases you will be expected to hold at least a higher second class degree, which is much easier to achieve if you enjoy the subject you’re taking. When you have an interest in what you’re learning about you don’t mind spending all your time in the library, as you actually want to find out more.

Indeed, in the end most employers aren’t as bothered about the subject you take as they are what grade you get, which definitely makes it worthwhile to choose something that interests you. Usually, when you take a course that interests you, you tend to be better at it, as you want to ask questions of the material you’re provided with and to do further research. An undergraduate degree takes three or four years to complete and so you really have to pick a subject which interests you if you are to survive for this amount of time!