Why Joining a Club can help you Make Friends at College

Have you recently started your first college semester, or have you been in college for a while now? If you are looking to make new friends and find some others that are interested in the same types of things that you are, try joining a club. Clubs are a fantastic way to make new friends and meet new people.

*  Find the club

If you are looking to make some great new friends in college or find people that share the same interests with you, look into clubs. Often a list of clubs and activities can be found around the college campus, on bulletin boards or more commonly the school Facebook page. Whatever the interest or the club the odds are other people who are looking to meet new people are inside of them. Many college freshmen often will join a club to meet peer mentors, or other college students who they can relate to.

* Join the club

After browsing for the club or clubs you would like to join the next step is to of course to join the club. This may be a large step in starting the beginning or a new part of your college career. College is full of people whom are different ethnicity, background, and culture. Opening yourself up to these new people will not only give you the advantage of new friendships but give you a new look on the outside world. Once you have begun going to the new club and club events you may find that you would like to become better friends with these new found acquaintances.

*  Initiate contact

Succeed socially suggests that to help create friendships or acquaintances, it is good to get contact information upon the meeting. A person may or may not stay as a regular inside of the new club that you have joined. While you may be somewhat shy, it is important to remember that every other person in the new club may also be shy as well. Put yourself out there and get their Facebook, cell phone number, or an e-mail address in order to keep in touch. This can be true in any given situation or event. If there is a college event that you go to outside of the club, these new friends may also be going. Give it a shot and get their number or give out your own. It never hurts to make new friends.

It is true that many people have a hard time putting themselves out there in order to make new friends, or relationships work. The first step to any given relationship is to be yourself and put yourself out there with the rest of the world. By taking a few simple steps a person can find the ability to make long lasting friendships that will last well out of the college years. So why not get started and begin by joining that club you were interested in, or a new club that you have not already joined.