Why Joining a Club can help you Make Friends at College

When going to college for the first time or transferring to another college, there is the feeling of anxiety of being alone. For incoming freshmen and transfer students, you will get offers from various clubs and organizations asking you to join. You should go ahead and join a few clubs. People join clubs out of wanting to try something new or the club offers something that interests them greatly. Common interests are a great way to form friendships. This is similar to people becoming friends when they hang out at the same place, work the same job, on the same sports team, and so forth. Joining a club or an organization at school is not something complicated. If you are on an athletic scholarship, then you will be playing on one of the college’s sports teams.

An in-depth explanation is not needed to explain why joining a college club can help someone make friends.

For example, take a club that focuses on Japanese anime and manga. Anime and manga are some of Japan’s biggest exports. These mediums of entertainment have garnered interest across the world. Anime conventions have popped up across the world let alone in North America bringing together local anime and manga fans.

In this case, an anime club at college brings together fans of the genre. At first, they only hang out during club gatherings. Then, as time progresses, people start hanging out with each other outside of the club. Instead of talking about Japanese anime, they talk about other things.

The same thing goes for people that are on the basketball team, football team, and so forth. They hang out with and get to know each other better. By getting to know each other better, people form stronger relationships. They become friends as a result. As time progresses, their bonds of friendship get stronger.

This is similar to the social link dynamic to the two games in ATLUS’ “Shin Megami Tensei” universe known as “Persona 3” and “Persona 4.” To strengthen the abilities of the main character’s personae, the player has to go on outings with different students at school. The students were members of the school band, the track team, the soccer team, the debate team, student council, and other teams/clubs. In order to make friends, the player had to join those clubs. Then, the player would get calls from students to hang out. Each time they hung out, the player got closer to fulfilling their respective arcana links.

Clubs, let alone college clubs, bring people together by mutual interests, curiosity, and/or the need to try something new. By getting together, students get to know each other better. In turn, they start becoming real friends.