Why more People are going to University as a Result of the Weak Economy

In the UK there has been a sharp rise in the number of people applying to go to university, which isn’t really a surprise when the economy is in such a weakened state. It is not only school-leavers who are using the economic situation as a reason to go to university; there are also more mature students who either find themselves out of work or are looking for a way to ensure that their job is safe whatever the economic climate. Clearly, going to university gives everyone the opportunity to work towards a higher level qualification and improve their job prospects.

For many 17 and 18 year olds, university was where they intended to go, anyway, but for some young people university has suddenly become an option because the alternative is to be unemployed and living on benefits. At least when individuals go to university they are using their time wisely (most of the time!) to work towards qualifications that will help them in the future. It also gives them an opportunity to live away from home, meet new people and learn about different viewpoints. There are plenty of good reasons to go to university, besides furthering your career, but it is usually this aspect that is at the forefront of people’s minds when they look into the university courses available.

Some degree courses are regarded as more valuable than others, which is something to bear in mind, but any degree course will help individuals learn to organise their time, analyse and process information, as well as construct an argument. All of these skills come in handy in the workplace. Perhaps, this is why more people are embarking on a university education later on in life, hoping that they can improve these skills further and make themselves more appealing to potential employers.

There are mature students who are deciding to go to university for the first time, while others have decided that a bachelor’s degree is no longer sufficient, and so want to obtain a master’s or a PhD. Either way, going to university at any age gives people the opportunity to learn about a subject that interests them, while enhancing their job prospects.

When the economy is in turmoil and many people are losing their jobs it makes sense for everyone to take advantage of the situation and turn a negative into a positive. Instead of waiting to be made redundant and struggling to find work it is a good idea to improve your skills as much as you can and get some qualifications, which is what many individuals are obviously choosing to do.