Why People do not Enjoy Online Education

Online education has become a very popular way to pursue various levels of schooling, particularly at the college level.  People enjoy the freedom of taking classes when they are convenient, and it can make getting a degree much more attainable.  This is particularly true for the working professional who may not have the time to stop their life in order to go back to school.  The Internet has provided schools with a very handy medium for connecting to students all over the world, and there can be a great richness when people connect and dialogue together in a digital environment.  Of course, online education is not for everyone.  Some people are not comfortable in this alternative way of learning and it can take some adjustment.  Here are a few thoughts on reasons that people do not enjoy online education. 


Some individuals do not enjoy the online experience because they are alone, and away from other people.  Granted, this is exactly why some people enjoy the online experience in that they can be relatively anonymous and not have to deal with face-to-face interaction.  However, for some individuals the isolation can be very lonely, and they can have a hard time “connecting” with their classmates when they can only dialogue through a message board that lacks a lot of human emotion. 

People interaction

Others dislike online education because they miss the environment of the classroom.  While people may not miss long, boring lectures, they may actually miss the traditional educational environment because it is more familiar to them.  For some individuals, there is just something about being in the physical presence of other people that cannot be duplicated on the Internet.  While posting comments online may take more thought, and reading those comments may require a certain amount of focus, some individuals find comfort in a spirited verbal debate with teachers and classmates in the same room. 

Self motivation

Finally, some people do not like the online class because it can actually be more work than a traditional class.  Because online classes have to make up for class time, there is often more reading and writing.  These activities are not necessarily the most enjoyable for all students.  In addition, the online class may require a bit more discipline in terms of getting things done.  A weekly or daily scheduled class may provide a measure of accountability, while an online class may have looser expectations in terms of daily work.  Therefore, some people may need to create their own motivation, so that they do not procrastinate and end up behind in the class.  Despite the relative convenience of the online experience, it can still be difficult for some people, which is why online classes are not popular with everyone.