Why Problems Arise with College Roommates

If you are having problems with getting along with a roommate, you are not alone. Many students have had a negative roommate experience in their college life. The difficulties often arise due to simply being two very different kinds of people. This can make it impossible to connect and develop a good friendship.

 Sometimes it is simply an issue that has not been addressed and instead was allowed to linger and grow somewhat out of proportion. This could be due to problems that involved being inconsiderate to roommates. These can often just be little things to think about such as turning off the lightat a reasonable hour, blasting a stereo when the roommate is trying to study for a big exam or not keeping your belongings cleanand tidy.

There are times where a roommate borrows the other persons belongings without asking permission. Other situations involve the roommate partying too much and coming back to the dorm room intoxicated with a large group of friends. Not being honest can also cause difficulties between roommates. Communication misunderstandings or break downs are another common reason for roommates to have problems with getting along.

Speaking with the college adviser or the dorm hall monitor or counselor can be helpful with smoothing out roommate issues. They are trained in situations like this and also have gained a lot of experience.

You should give the relationship a fair amount of time before deciding you would like to change roommates or dorm rooms. It can take a bit of time to get to know someone especially when it is the first year at college. Some students have a tendency not to be true to themselves and instead pretend they are someone they are not. This makes another challenge when someone tries to get to know them better. Remember if this is the first time away from home, it is quite common for students to get a little homesick. This can really play havoc on someone. Rule of thumb is to give the relationship at least one semester before deciding to put in for a transfer to another dorm room.

Gossiping is another common reason for roommate problems. When someone tells another person something in confidence they should never share it with anyone else. Starting rumors can also be very damaging. Many times something will be said that was either  a misunderstanding or purely hear-say and it runs rampantthroughout the student body. Always do whatever possible to avoid this type of situation.