Why Procrastination can be a Problem for Students

Procrastination is something that most people are very good at, since it is easier to keep putting off doing whatever it is that has to be done than to just get on with it. Sometimes, you have to be in the right frame of mind to get on with a job and to do it well; otherwise you only half-heartedly attack it and find yourself needing to do it again. However, you can’t continue to avoid getting on with a project just because you don’t have the right mind set, as usually there are time limits involved, as is the case when you’re a student.

When you have an essay due you can’t avoid it forever, just because you can’t really be bothered. Every student in your class has to abide by the same rules and so if you need to write an essay of 2,000 words in order to pass the course you’re on, then that is what you must do. It can be difficult to find the motivation to start planning and writing an essay, but the alternative is to hand in an unfinished piece of work or to hand a in a completed essay late. You will be penalised for this, though, and you could find yourself having to write the essay again or failing completely and being thrown off the course.

The problem with being a student is that there are so many more interesting activities to do than studying, which makes it easier for you to become sidetracked. Instead of going to lectures and seminars, reading books and taking notes, writing essays and preparing for exams you end up staying out all night, drinking with friends. One of the reasons that many individuals choose to go to university, other than to improve their education, is for the social life that being a student brings. There are many clubs to join and activities to get involved with, so that your studies can sometimes suffer.

It might be more enjoyable to put off writing an essay so you can spend time with friends, instead, but this won’t help you get the grades you need to pursue the career you want. Procrastination is a problem for some students because laziness gets the better of them, so that it is easier to fill their time with activities that don’t require any thinking or any real effort than to knuckle down and get on with what they should be doing. It is something you have to learn to overcome, though, if you are to achieve academic success.