Why Pursue a Masters Degree

There are many good reasons to pursue a master’s degree, and some very poor reasons for pursuing a master’s degree. Learn from my experience- do not just go to graduate school because you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you’re looking to avoid the “real world”. Graduate school is not a place to discover yourself. However, if you have the following concrete goals, there are a few reasons that pursing a master’s degree can be right for you.

To make more money

I taught at the high school level with a master’s degree, and my starting salary was significantly higher than those who only had a B.A. In the business world, an MBA will help you on the fast-track to a better salary, also.

To teach college

Many 2-year colleges are looking to hire instructors with a Master’s degree in their area of expertise. There are some lecture positions available also at large 4-year institutions, although the professor positions are only open to PhD.

To try to gain skills

If you had a liberal arts education and you are looking to gain skills for a job you’re not yet qualified for, earning a master’s degree can be a great stepping stone to your ideal job. For example, after working in a laboratory during my graduate studies, I gained skills with techniques and equipment that were not available at my small liberal arts college.