Why Restful Sleep is necessary for College Success

Why is restful sleep necessary for college success? Many college students do not understand that their body is made of flesh and blood, and needs sleep that is both qualitative and quantitative. Often the desire to do well, or do more in terms of both results and social connections, result in lack of deep and restful sleep for college students, and with dire consequences.

Mature college students, on the other hand, while realising the importance of restful sleep, simply have too much to handle, to have the privilege of sleeping the minimum of six to seven hours per night. It is important though, that why restful sleep is necessary for college success does not just become head knowledge but also heart knowledge that is put into action.

Restful sleep is necessary for college success because sleep is a means to restoration of physical, emotional and mental functions. Restful sleep can only come about if sufficient time is given to sleep. On the other hand, rolling around in bed trying to sleep is not productive and does not result in restful sleep. It is important for college students to recognise how they will be able to maximise their time, and that includes time for sleep.

Restful sleep results in a restored body that is free from stress. While the body is physically immobile, the brain continues working, synthesizing all the new information that the nerves of all the sensory organs feed it without taking in more information. It is only when ideas are connected and minimal new brain signals are received, that the brain is then able to lull into a state of peaceful rest.

Restful sleep allows bodily functions to restore themselves and bodily injuries to heal naturally and quickly. College students do not just go for classes. Many involve themselves in physical activities to keep fit and trim, and socialise through them. Their bodies thus need time to restore and renew muscle tissues.

When the body is well rested both physically and mentally, it regulates the hormones that produce substances to keep stress at bay, and further preventthe body from being harmed by undue stress. The body is thus shielded from illnesses and damage that may become irreparable. The body will also be strengthened and resist common illnesses such as Influenza and its symptoms.

A more relaxed body and mind will certainly help college students to face a new day with more confidence and good cheer. They will also be in a better position to cope with surprises for the day, be they pleasant or otherwise because of their alert body and mind. When they do not feel physically or mentally stressed, they will also have a calm and collected disposition that will keep them in a good relationship with others.

College success is not measured in excellent paper qualifications alone. The ‘look good’ and ‘feel good’ disposition will add value to good paper qualifications as college success does not equate success in life. Restful sleep gives college students a springboard to a more successful after college life, and sets the pace to good healthful living lifelong.