Why Restful Sleep is necessary for College Success

When you’re a student it is tempting to think that you can stay up late every night and still achieve college success. This is not the case, though, as if you don’t get enough sleep it is going to be a struggle to stay focused in lectures, seminars and examinations and to complete your work to a high standard. If you don’t make enough effort to sleep your studies are likely to suffer, as your brain needs to rest so that you can concentrate fully on what you are reading or writing.

The problem is that when you’re at college there is so much going on in the evenings that you’d rather be out having fun with your friends than getting an early night. This may not be a problem if it’s the weekend and you don’t have any lectures to attend or assignments to complete. However, if you decide to go out during the week, you may miss early-morning lectures because you sleep through your alarm clock or you might not pay attention during lectures as you’re having difficulty keeping your eyes awake. You may not bother going to the library, even though you need to pick up some books, and so you can end up falling behind on your studies.

It is therefore important to ensure you organise your time and learn to prioritise your studies. Although you may want to go out drinking with friends in the middle of the week, you will probably come to regret it when you find yourself stuck in a seminar being asked questions by your tutor when you’re extremely tired and you’ve got a hangover. You are unlikely to make a very good impression on your tutor if you’re constantly yawning and are unable to answer any of the questions you’re asked in a coherent manner.

Perhaps it isn’t that you spend too much time socialising, but rather that you find yourself spending long hours in the library doing extra reading or completing assignments because you feel that you have to. You may be a studious individual who is intent on achieving the best grades or maybe you may have a tendency to leave everything until the last minute. However, if you’re reading when you’re tired you may not be able to comprehend what is being said, so that when you come to re-read your notes they will make no sense to you, while if you’re completing an essay you may end up making mistakes that you fail to pick up because you’re so exhausted.

Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep is worth doing during your time at college if you want to enjoy academic success, because if you don’t get enough sleep your academic performance is likely to suffer.