Why Shyness can Make it Difficult for you to Speak during Tutorials

Shy individuals tend to be socially awkward and have difficulty interacting with other people, although the degree of shyness varies from person to person and it can manifest itself in different ways. For some individuals, it is speaking in front of a large group of people that brings out their shyness, whilst for others; their shyness dominates their lives making it difficult for them to even leave the house.  However shy you are and however your shyness presents itself – whether you go bright red out of embarrassment or start stuttering – speaking during tutorials can pose a significant challenge.

If there are only a few of you and your shyness isn’t too severe you may find that once you get used to the people in your group you can cope fine. However, if you have to contend with a lot of different people and you really struggle to speak up and to make your voice heard you could come to dread tutorials. Tutorials are an essential part of the university experience, though, and you will no doubt miss out on information that will prove useful during your studies if you decide to skip them. You therefore cannot afford to do this and so shouldn’t allow your shyness to stand in the way of your success.

During tutorials you may be asked to discuss a topic with the person you’re sitting next to before coming together as a group and sharing your ideas. It is much less stressful to communicate with a single person than it is a whole group of people, although even this can be a challenge when you’re preoccupied with the thought that you might say something stupid. It doesn’t matter as much when it’s only one person judging you, but when you come together as a group you may be reluctant to say anything, especially if your mind has gone blank and you can’t think of anything to say.

It is therefore a good idea to write down a few key points that you could raise, so that if you’re called upon to say something you will have a guide as to how to answer the question. You will probably struggle to elaborate on what you’ve written down in a coherent way, but the main thing is that you make an effort to answer the question. Of course, you could always jump in with something before you’re even asked, so that you can talk about an issue with which you’re familiar and don’t feel as uncomfortable talking about.

In the end, you’re probably not going to get away with saying nothing during your tutorials and although it may be difficult for you when you’re shy you have to do the best you can not to allow shyness to ruin your university experience.