Why Students must Reconsider their College Plans

The world is evolving and the society is constantly setting the bar higher in order to achieve success. Decades ago, a person with a mere high school degree could find a good paying job and support himself and his family. As the population grew, some people aimed for something higher to gain an edge over the others and got college degrees. In the industrial age, college degrees has become the norm. A person must be at least a college graduate to land a good job and have a good pay. However, now in the information age, having a college degree plays a very little role in achieving success. A lot of college graduates are unemployed as some people aim even higher by having a masters or doctorate degrees while some expand their horizons by learning and developing new skills.

As much as college degrees are losing its luster, it is still very important. College degrees are the stepping stone to higher educational and academic levels such as a masters or doctorate degrees. It is also in college where you get to learn and develop at least the basic skills in your preferred career path.

But since the world and the standards are evolving, you should adapt to the change and keep up with it. History shows that those who doesn’t adapt and go along with the changes never survive. Do you still see companies that produced cassette tapes and typewriters doing so well these days? Going to college requires such change too. Gone are the days where you could go to school and focus only on your degree thinking that you can anyway land a good job later on after graduating. So what are the things that you should consider learning and developing while studying? Here’s a list.

1.) Financial literacy. Financial literacy is a very important yet severely overlooked aspect in the society. Even schools don’t teach financial literacy to the students. Schools develop the students skills necessary to earn a living yet they aren’t teaching the students on how to value their income and to make it grow. Learning financial literacy is just like going to college and getting a degree. You are going to start with the basics and later on advance to more sophisticated and complex ones. The good part? Getting educated financially doesn’t require you to get a formal education. Though there are seminars and groups that are advocates to financial literacy, you can still get yourself educated through your own efforts. The internet for one is a very rich resource of topics which you could take advantage of.

Increase your financial IQ and avoid the dilemma that most people face. Have you noticed several high earning individuals struggle financially and worse are in huge debt? That is a clear manifestation of the lack and need of financial literacy. Save yourself by investing in knowledge.

2.) Entrepreneurship. While studying, develop the spirit of entrepreneurship in you. Schools normally groom the students to become employees after graduating and worse, since it is the only thing that they know, they will rely on a fixed income for the rest of their lives living in a rat cycle. The real reason why people go to college is not merely to earn a degree but to acquire the necessary skills to earn a living. Being an entrepreneur will make you use such skills to make you earn more and in the greater part, help other people by providing employment and contribute in pushing the economy upward.

Being an entrepreneur is a skill. Learn things and develop it. The people that were able to get off financially were mostly entrepreneurs or at least a part of what they are doing is being an entrepreneur. It is never easy but if you want to get financially free later on in life, you’ve got to develop it. You can start small by something that you could manage completely and later on aim for something bigger.

3.) Develop practical and very useful skills. One drawback of a college degree is that it is very limited. If you study engineering, you will never tackle accounting, law, and other courses, and the same thing with other majors as well. While still in college, take the opportunity to learn useful skills. Aside from developing money making skills, grow some interest in house maintenance, automotive, personal finance, health and fitness, etc. Knowledge in these areas are very important because these will make you save a lot of time and money and it could become areas of opportunity for you later on. Never confine yourself in your degree alone. Go out and explore.

One of the very common traits of successful people is being a “jack of all trades”. These people have the zest for knowledge and they always go for it. In little ways, they learn consistently and in time they accumulate great knowledge and experience on different things.

College in fact has become optional these days yet despite the changes and the opportunities abound that doesn’t require college degrees, it still remains very relevant in the society. People who drop out or doesn’t decide to go to college are putting themselves in great risk of struggling because they haven’t met the standards of the society. So rather than passing the opportunity, take it and make the most out of it. College is not all about school and academics. You will always have a lot of free time to do whatever you want. Take such opportunity to develop yourself and as soon as you graduate, you will be so equipped and more than ready to face the real world. So reassess your plans in going to college by thinking that it is an opportunity for you not just to have the skills necessary for your career but also to put yourself in a lot better position to succeed later on in life.