Why the Rise in College Costs Hits Public Schools Hardest

The cost for going to college increases as does everything else. There are not many areas of the economy where prices are dropping for consumers.  The rise in college costs affect everybody, but especially those that go to public schools.  When a person graduates from high school and moves on to the next level in college, finances all of the sudden becomes a big issue, especially for those who are coming out of public school.  A private school graduate is already used to the fact that school costs a lot of money, so it will be no big surprise to them.

A public school student should go to college.  The current society almost demands that a high school graduate have a college education.  However, when the costs of college rise, it affects a public school student the most, because they don’t pay much for public school, if anything at all.  If a student and their parents are not paying for public school and then they inquire about a university and the total cost is forty thousand a year, this may prevent the student from going, and therefore, deal with a lot of trials and tribulations in their life.  Public schools don’t really have a huge increase concerning their fees.  Therefore, when a public school student goes to school, and know the routine, and then suddenly need to begin paying large amounts of money for an education, it may be a bit of a challenge for them.

Public schools are affected the most by rising college costs because the students feel a lot of stress and pressure because they know their parents don’t have the money for college and their only alternative is to work or steal.  Many high school students have done wrong to pay for college and help lift the burden of the shoulders of the parents.  Most students want to better their education, and if the parent’s cannot afford it, where does that put the student when it comes to worrying about their future?

Rising costs affect everyone, but especially those who were not prepared for the change and those who go to public school.  Public schools are for the most part, not rich and therefore, most of the students have very little money.  College waits for them as long as they have a plan to make it.