Why you should Attend Lectures and Tutorials

The most important part of the university experience is surely the learning that ought to be taking place on campus. You may decide that you want to go to university so you can move away from home and enjoy an active social life, but the main purpose of university is to get an education so that you are able to pursue the career you want in future. You therefore have to make an effort to attend all the lectures and tutorials that are down in your timetable. Even when attendance at lectures and tutorials is not compulsory it is still important for you to turn up if you’re going to learn what is required of you throughout the course.

If you regularly skip lectures because you have a hang-over and can’t be bothered to get up early you are going to miss out on vital information. You could miss out various hand-outs that set out how the course is being run and which texts you need to read; you may not know which tutor group you’re in; plus, lectures give you some grounding for the more in-depth tutorials and so if you do attend any tutorials you will be ill-prepared for them. If you skip lectures you will miss out on whole chunks of information that run throughout the course and asking to borrow your friends’ notes all the time won’t help.

In tutorials, your lack of understanding will be evident, as you may struggle to see how the different components of the course fit together. That is if you even bother to turn up for tutorials. Tutorials provide you with an opportunity to discuss what you have been told in lectures and what you have read for yourself, which is obviously going to be a problem if you haven’t been turning up for lectures or doing any reading.

When you skip tutorials you undermine your chances of success on your course even further, as you may struggle to understand all the information you need to include in the various exams and essays you have to complete in order for your performance to be assessed. Usually, tutors will give you tips and advice on how to approach your essays and exams, which you will obviously miss out on if you don’t bother to attend.

Consequently, you are unlikely to achieve very good grades and when you’re paying a significant sum of money towards tuition fees you’re the one who is losing out. If you have decided to go to university to improve your future prospects you have to actually make an effort to study and to attend lectures and tutorials if you are going to succeed.