Why you should Pursue a Bachelors Degree

The difference between a person at 18 and that same person at 22 can be significant. If life goes well, everyone will pass through both points. What you do with those four years can make an impact on a lifetime. The stories of men and women leaving high school and striking it rich before their twenty-fifth birthday are legion.

For every one of those stories, there are ten or more stories of those who have joined a workforce where they are locked into a job with no future and little way to improve themselves. Very few young people are ready to really take on the world at 18. With a bachelor’s degree at 22, most feel a sense of confidence that is justified by their college experience, and the doors it will open for them.

However, there is a third group that obtained a technical degree or certificate in a field that they enjoy. By 22, they have one or two years of study behind them and two or three years experience on the job. The potential for eventual self-employment is a possibility.

Now, we come to you. Where do you want to be in four years? Statistics show that the person who earns the bachelor’s degree will make significantly more money on average than either of the other two choices. The bachelor’s degree says that you have learned to think independently, learn on your own, you have knowledge in multiple disciplines, and can do reasonably well at managing and organizing time. That’s quite a statement for one or two lines on a resume. It will say it on every application and resume that you complete for the rest of your life.

At 18, most people should consider pursuing the bachelor’s degree. Develop some goals and shoot for them. Virtually no one can actually say their degree was worthless or a waste of their time. Almost everyone knows many people who regret not completing their bachelor’s degree when they had the chance.

For the adult student returning to the classroom, you probably already have faced all of the horror stories and know the importance of the sheepskin. If you need to be convinced about whether or not to pursue a bachelor’s degree, you probably should not be in school. At any age, a bachelor’s degree can be an asset. Even if it just gives you the sense of finally accomplishing a lifelong goal, it is worth doing.