Why you should Pursue a Bachelors Degree

The pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree is important because it is one of the keys to your future. The types of employment opportunities that will be available to you, and the economic consequences of your education are substantial.

Investing four years in higher education after graduation from high school may seem like forever for those impatient to be finished with school, and finally earn some money. If making money, and having opportunity are motivators for you, this investment in your future will pay handsome rewards.

Most employers use the credential of a Bachelor’s Degree as a minimum requirement for all upper level jobs with good potential. Before you even have the opportunity to introduce yourself to these perspective employers, you exist only as a resume, with or without the requirements to be considered for a job.

The economic impact of your education, or lack thereof is potentially enormous. Over the course of your working lifetime, you could easily average at least $10,000. additional income per year over the long haul. That results in additional lifetime earnings over 40 years of nearly 2 million dollars with interest considered if it were all saved. Even if you spent every penny every year, $400,000. extra money to spend can affect anyone’s lifestyle.

Although we all have dreams of making it big without having to invest real time and work, few of those dreams become reality. You really should pursue your Bachelor’s Degree because your future depends upon what you do today.