Why you should Pursue a Bachelors Degree

In today’s vastly competitive economy, bachelor degree qualifications should no longer be confined mostly to academics. Employers especially those in the private sector, need to recognize and accept that bachelor degree qualifications enhance an employee’s value and should be considered an important factor in a professional’s ascent up the corporate ladder, particularly at middle and upper levels.

Bachelor degree courses tend to place greater emphasis on specialized subject knowledge and research skills. As such, in order to attain a high level of understanding of a specific area of study and to be an expert in a chosen career discipline, embarking on the bachelor degree route is particularly important today.

Knowledge is not static and is always expanding, more so in the science and technology fields. Bachelor degree programs are generally able to comprehensively cover all that we need to know in order to perform our jobs satisfactorily beyond the first few years after graduation.

For instance, the area of Information Technology, is a field that is evolving rapidly. In future, it will not be enough for an Information Technology professional to only have knowledge of specific products and practical skills. It will be important to have in-depth understanding of the theory behind what is being done through systematic study and development.

In a nutshell, it is about who can also do what will be required tomorrow in addition to what needs to be done today. So, more professionals in this field will need to have bachelor degrees in order to remain competitive and relevant in their jobs as demand for professionals with bachelor degree qualifications will increase greatly.

Bachelor degree qualifications not only improve the individual and his or her career prospects but also benefit the nation in the long term. Investing in human capital and having people who can conduct research to produce new technology ideas and solutions that can lead to new products and services will greatly increase the competitive advantage of local companies and enhance the country.

If the country aims to provide advanced Information Technology and engineering services, it would need experts who could build upon and improve existing technology, instead of simply using outdated technology. This could only be achieved through continuous research and development and this is where bachelor degree qualifications come in.

In order to encourage more people to enhance their skills and knowledge, employers should recognize the value of a bachelor degree to an employee and realize that it does not only benefit the individual but also the company and the country in general.

Organizations should be supportive by facilitating and encouraging employees to go for bachelor degree qualifications. In developed countries, it is not out of the ordinary for companies to allow employees time-off from work and even offer financial aid to those who enroll in bachelor degree courses.

Local employers should learn to recognize that these employees bring back tangible benefits to their jobs. Students in reputable bachelor degree programs are trained to think, analyze and research in a systematic way. Up-to-date skills and knowledge, independent thinking and enhanced problem-solving skills are other advantages that an employee with a relevant bachelor degree qualification could bring to the employer. In the long run, it is investment in human capital that will produce the most and longest lasting benefits in today’s knowledge-based economy.