Why You’d want to Pursue a Doctoral Degree Phd

What could a doctorate do for you? The Ph.D is a non-medical doctor in today’s society. Of course, in ecclesiastical work it might be Th.D. Same level of degree in a different field. No matter what the field, it’s always a head turner when someone is called doctor.

If you are pursuing a career as a university-level educator or seek a professorship, you will need that post-graduate degree. Those three letters will open up the door for a significant rise in your potential income and prestige. Frequently today, even smaller colleges want their instructors to have doctorates.

Large research corporations like the pharmaceutical companies employ chemists and biologists with Ph.D’s. The school districts even in communities of 3,000 to 5,000 people now look for school superintendents with their doctorates in education. These types of jobs regularly pay into the six figures. The mega-churches of today often will only give a good look at pastoral candidates with their doctor’s degree in hand.

Publishers of professional books and journals seek out Ph.D’s to write for them. If they are not sought to be the author, their endorsements can help raise the status of a book or an article. New programs look for Ph.D’s when they seek expert guests on a wide range of different subjects from political commentary to space exploration.

Being among the world’s leading authorities in your field is a big deal. You have paid the price with the time, expense, and effort to climb a very high mountain. It is expected that their will be reasonable rewards in money, prestige, and influence. Generally, these will be granted without question.

You will have open doors to book publishing opportunities. Invitations to public speaking engagements can be sought and secured. Access to people of power can also be a perk of that Ph.D. There are plenty of reasons to want it. Only a relative few are able to carve out the time and effort to secure it.