Why You’d want to Pursue a Doctoral Degree Phd

Pursue a doctorate degree to be a better servant to my family and to the community!

The question was asked why you would want to pursue a doctorate degree. My answer, of course, is to be a better servant to my family and to the community. It is an idealistic goal that is fueled by the lessons of life’s past. Poverty, discrimination, prejudice, and self destruction all have contributed to this dream-to this goal.

The problem with idealistic goals going into a doctoral program is that the rigors of such a program can easily shatter such idealism. The doctoral journey is such an arduous undertaking that it should be approached gravely. Getting a doctorate degree is and should be one of the finest moments in one’s life.

Therefore, one needs to be sure they really have a desire to pursue a doctorate degree. My family is important to me. They have been such an integral part of my life I have on occasion put my dreams on hold so I could provide a special moment for them in life as life goes by fast. It is because they are so special to me that I want to pursue a doctorate degree. My extended family felt education ended in high school so when they graduated they simply stopped pursuing education. I, on the other hand, felt I needed to continue my education so that I could break the cycle of poverty in our family life.

Education became the door out of poverty. Living under a generation’s curse is very detrimental to the success of children and the only way to change or break out of a poverty cycle is to decide to do so. But it takes more than a decision. It takes courage and determination. It takes commitment and dedication. It takes a burning desire to see something change or something become better. I want to see my children’s lives turn out better than mine or my family’s. Therefore, I pursue a doctorate degree to be an example to my children and family to never give up. I pursue a doctorate degree to show them that they can make their lives better through education and that one can never have too much education. I also want to set the example for my children to become lifelong learners.

Secondly, I pursue a doctorate degree to be a better servant to my community. I want my children to live in a better world then I grew up in. I want them to learn to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem. Therefore, I want them to know that along with education comes responsibility. Because education is giving me so much I want to give back by sharing my newfound knowledge to help make our community a better place in which to live. This can only be accomplished if I have something to offer the community in a tangible way. I, therefore, pursue a doctorate degree to improve the quality of what I have to offer to the community I serve. What good is education if it is not shared?

The question has been asked why you would pursue a doctorate degree. The answer can only come from within you. Decide what it is that motivates you to face all odds to accomplish a task and then you will begin to understand why you would pursue a doctorate degree. Ultimately you must come to the realization that you can only pursue a doctorate degree for yourself. As in my case, the underlining reason I pursue a doctorate degree is to lift up a new standard for my family and forever change their economic condition one generation at a time. Only time will be able to tell if I become successful in this undertaking.