Wise up and earn a college degree

Taking a year off after graduation from high school might be a smart thing to do if you do not have the money available to attend a four year university course. Then again, you might have to go to work for awhile before you can actually begin your quest to earn a college degree.

Many people find that it becomes harder to go back to school after they begin work. On the other hand, you might soon discover that if you did earn a college degree you would make more money each year.

There is another thing you can do after you graduate from high school. That is, you can work full time and go to night school at a community college. When you have enough money to attend that four year university you can quit your job and go to that university full time.

Keep in mind that you will have to take the college admission tests and then apply for admission to the university for your choice. This you should do before you graduate from high school.

It is also wise to obtain admission information from two or more four year universities. Do not forget to pick a trade or a profession that you would like to be your life’s work after you earn that degree.

All universities are not the same in that one university might be better in teaching you that picked trade or profession. The location of that university is also an important consideration for you.

How far do you want to travel to that university? Do you want to live on campus? Would you rather live at home and commute to class each day?

The answer to those questions depends upon how much money you have for travel expenses. Then again, will you dive to class or will public transportation bring you to school and take you home.

If you plan to stay at home maybe you can keep your job and only work part time, thus being able to earn more money. Like it or not,  four year university class work is much harder than the work required by a community college.

There is a lot more reading to do and you will receive a great deal more home work. That is a fact because most people who attend a community college do so to increase their personal knowledge or to learn a trade rather than a profession. But the grades you will earn at a community college for the subjects that you complete will count toward earning that four year college degree. That is, if the subjects that you take and pass are allowed by that university and count as required courses toward that degree. 

Keep in mind that some community college courses are merely high school courses but given at the community college. Such courses are not counted for credit by universities.

For the true university education experience you should go to a university where you can live on campus during the school year. You will make new friends and learn more because it will be a short trip to the library or to visit your professors should you have any additional questions. Above all, remember that the more you know the better off you will be, money wise, health wise and quality of life wise.