Writing a Cover Letter for a College Internship

The cover letter is a way to introduce oneself to a potential employer in a way that is a bit more interesting than a resume. The resume can certainly contain interesting information, but the cover letter allows the writer to express more personality, passion, excitement, and ambition. Granted, the writer has to keep in mind that the busy employer may not take the time or motivation to carefully read each and every phrase of the applicant’s careful crafted letter. This may be especially true when organizations are hiring interns. Still, organizations take interns seriously as well, so applicants have to do their best to write a professional and effective letter. Here are a few thoughts on writing a quality cover letter for a college internship.

Best foot forward

The cover letter is an opportunity to summarize the resume and list the parts that should be highlighted. The entire resume should not be repeated. Rather, the applicant should list education, experience, and skills that are most relevant to the internship position. If possible, the applicant should attempt match their skills and experience with the job requirements of the position.

Passion and excitement

The applicant should also use the cover letter as a vehicle to convey some energy for the position. They should express confidence in their current ability, but they should also express a desire to learn, to work hard, and to enhance the organization. An internship is an opportunity to show one’s ability, but it is also about working hard and making a good impression.

Everyone says that

Finally, people should look for opportunities to talk about specific experiences that make them qualified for the position. People have to keep in mind that many individuals indicate that they are hard workers, detail oriented, and have excellent communication skills. These traits may be true, but sometimes it is more helpful to talk about how these traits have been manifested.

Overall, the college internship cover letter is an opportunity to sell oneself to a potential employer. People cannot put every aspect of their personality into a cover letter because the letter has to be short and to the point. An employer may automatically set anything over a page aside. Therefore, an applicant must be succinct, bold, driven, and specific with their letter. An internship may be a temporary assignment, but it gives people valuable experience, and sometimes it functions as an extended “try-out” for a full-time position down the road.