Writing a Paper in one Night

Regardless of what your professors tell you, it is possible to write a major assignment in one night (or about 4 – 7 hours). However it’s not made possible by winging it but understanding your weakness and advantages.

Any one can write a six page paper in a few hours that is just as impressive as one written by an over achiever. The difference is the amount and effort that was used.

This has been made possible by the advancement of technology. A computer with internet is a college student’s golden ticket to success. Having an abundance of information that could be browsed in seconds gives a student an advantage.

Every good assignment requires a student to do hours of research on the subject; most of it could be done quick using Wikipedia. Why waste a week in the library looking through books and encyclopedias?

Plus, students don’t have to worry if the teacher doesn’t accept Wikipedia as a source since there are sources listed on the page already. Just remember to site the source used for the entry and not the Wikipedia page itself.

Before writing a paper, it is important to plan it out so that it could make sense. The same goes for an assignment that is being written in a few hours. The difference is that a student would need to organize their time based on the subject.

If the subject is either very easy or too broad then the amount of time that is needed will only be a few hours since half the knowledge is either common fact or the student knows it by heart. However, if the subject is complex then it will require a minimum of five hours or more.

If a student has a paper due in a morning class, then its best to start working on it at around 7:00 pm with a goal to finish it at midnight. This will ensure that the student did a decent job on the assignment and has plenty of time to sleep.

It’s also important for students to look out for any opportunities that could be used to their advantage. It’s moments like when the teacher says “It does not have to be exactly 5000 words,” or the mediocre requirements that can be used to a student’s advantage.

Also try to avoid simple vocabulary while using sophisticated language. This will make a professor assume that the student put effort into the assignment. A technique is to use a thesaurus every opportunity possible.

It will also become very common for students to repeat themselves. To hide this little blunder; a student would have to reword the sentence using different meanings of the word at the proper moments.

Some teachers would have their students turn in a rough draft before the real assignment is due. This will allow an opportunity to replace the mediocre grammar with ones that will cast a stronger emotional impact on its reader.

Following these simple steps could ensure that any essay written in one night would appear to be the result of a week’s worth of effort. If you want some proof in the reliability of such a method then you would be glad to know that this article too was written up in only few hours.