Activities for Dixie by Grace Gilman

Doing activities with a book you want to read with the class is helpful because children will learn more about the book, and they will understand the book better.

The following is a summary of the book, and then you will look at the different activities such as reading comprehension questions, art projects, and dramatic play

Dixie, a puppy, belongs to Emma. While Emma goes to school, Dixie stays home at waits for Emma to come home. When Emma comes home, they eat snacks and play games. Dixie likes to go everywhere with Emma, but she can’t go to school.

However, one day, Emma was excited about her day that she didn’t want to play. She wanted to work on her new play at school, which was the Wizard of Oz. She was to play Dorothy.

Since Emma was excited, Dixie wanted to be excited, so she grabbed the papers, which had her lines for the play, out of Emma’s hands. Emma became upset, but she got the papers. Dixie had to lay down on the rug and wait until Emma was ready to play.

The next day, Emma came home and told Dixie that she got the part and that Dixie could follow her everywhere because she was going to play Toto. Dixie became so excited that she ran everywhere until Emma told Dixie that she still had to study. However, Dixie still wanted to play and get into things.

Dixie finally ran off with the ruby slipper and hid. This upset Emma because she needed the slipper. That night, Dixie appeared with the ruby slipper. The next day, Emma did a great job in the play. Emma and Dixie played together when they got home. Emma realized that there wasn’t a place like home.

Questions for Reading Comprehension: You can read the story and ask the children the following questions.

Who was Dixie? Emma’s Dog

Did Emma go to school? Yes

What was the conflict? Dixie ran and hid with the ruby slipper.

What did Emma and Dixie do during the evening? They played together.

What did Emma learn at the end of the book? There is no place like home.

These questions will help children with reading comprehension.

Art Project:

You can have the children draw a picture of Emma, her dog, the ruby slipper, or anything else in the story.

Dramatic Play:

You can set up a bedroom and have Emma and her dog playing. You can also have Dixie causing problems when Emma’s working on her lines.

These are a few activities that you can do with your children. For older children, you can have them write their own story about a pet.